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MONETAPAY is a payment solution that enjoys the best MDR (Merchant Discount Rate) for most payment channels in Indonesia. We are one of the largest payment processing companies in Indonesia and we can provide credit/debit card payments, bank transfers and e-banking services.

To comply with Bank Indonesia regulations, MONETAPAY will only deal in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). You need to convert currency to IDR to trade on MONETAPAY. At the same time, we recommend that you do not use decimals to trigger trades. This warning is to avoid bank deposits.

Currently, MONETAPAY does not offer refund transaction services. All refund processes will be processed by the merchant.

Log in to your MONETAPAY account and access the "Transaction Details" menu on the left. Enter the keywords you want to filter.

You can use a virtual account for faster payment verification (maximum within 24 hours). Your payment will be verified in a matter of minutes.

Because we have liquidity in each shipping country through business partners and banks, we can provide services at lower costs and faster delivery duration. MONETAPAY exists to provide an international money transfer experience that feels like a domestic one, from cost, speed and customer convenience.

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